SIS Maps

The Specialised Information Service Cartography and Geodata (SIS Maps) is an enhancement of the special subject collections Topographic Maps and Cartographic Literature of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft – DFG (German Research Federation). Its task is to provide specialised literature and relevant information, as well as services for top-level research. The Map Department of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin established SIS Maps in 2016 as part of a DFG funded programme and will finish the first phase in 2018. In addition to the creation of the services and the subject repository, the Map Department represents the Specialised Information Service Cartography and Geodata (SIS Maps) on various specialist meetings and makes information known in relevant publications.

We hope that many researchers will benefit from the services offered by SIS Maps. We would be happy to see scientists and researchers widely accept and use SIS Maps for their work in the research community.


Der Newsletter erscheint 2x jährlich, informiert über neueste Entwickungen im FID Karten und gibt Veranstaltungshinweise.

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Reference literature

Crom, Wolfgang: Der Fachinformationsdienst Kartographie und Geobasisdaten. In: Kartographische Nachrichten, 2/2016. - p. 89-92 [Translation of the article]