Geodata Services

SIS Maps is a free and innovative service which helps with the provision of geodata and supports the work of the research community. We offer a large spectrum of specialist information and advice, e.g. on selecting suitable data and data formats, on defining the required target area or on determining various factors such as scale, resolution and content. These parameters may influence, e.g. the price of the geodata you wish to acquire.

SIS Maps and the Map Department maintain an extensive list of contacts of specialized trade dealers – if you are in search of a geodata provider, you may use these contacts for your negotiations.          

SIS Maps does not acquire geodata, it primarily establishes contact to geodata providers.

For detailed information regarding advice on geodata and its provision see our FAQ.

Application for geodata services

If you need geodata for your research project, please use the following application form. This information offer for geodata-related services is free and encompasses ways to find suitable geodata providers. You may use these services as long as your project is promoted by SIS Maps.
For a quick handling of your request, you should describe in as much detail as possible, your data requirements and expectations. Please note that in some cases it may take several weeks to find a suitable provider for the required geodata.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us: SIS Maps – Contact form | email: | phone: +49 30 266 435490

Detailed information on data protection is available in our Privacy Policy.


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